Вторник, Ноември 29 2022
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Internship Program for Software Developers

About MCA

Founded in 2008, MCA is a digital product studio which delivers turn-key solutions to clients in the Scandinavia, USA, Switzerland. Our 135+ engineers have vast domain experience in the telco and finance industries where we have projects usually last more than 10 years. At MCA we build better, not more!

We offer

At MCA you will work with a team implementing new features and tasks that are part of a large production system. In the course of daily work, you’ll be challenged to produce the best solution possible, with stringent code review from the team and static analyzers bots. Compulsory daily peer reviews, fully tested code, and continuous delivery is what makes our developers' code better. To master new technologies, we have weekly workshop sessions where the teams rapidly gain knowledge and experience. 

And it’s not only work, but we also have parties every week with drinks, football, video games...

Your qualifications

We’re looking for passionate developers that have general experience in any Object-Oriented Programing Language such as C#, Java,

TypeScript. It’s a benefit if you have SQL, React or Angular experience. Your primary task would be to develop new modules and

  • components for an extensive system.

Interns and Junior Developers

We completely understand that it’s not possible for you to be fully productive without extensive working experience. For that reason, we have an immersive introductory method that gets all applicants into full gear after two weeks. This is possible because we give you tasks from the current sprint, which must be in production the same week. As such your teammates will assist you to get your task done since their performance depends on it.


For both jobs and internships apply at: jobs.mca.dev