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Повик за практична настава во странство за студенти на додипломски и мастер програма

Проектот „Практиканство преку Академија за културна дипломатија“ е петгодишна програма која има за цел да им овозможи пракикантство на студентите кои студираат на додипломски и мастер студии на своите факултети. Академијата е сместена во центарот на Европа и служи како хаб за младите генерации кои доаѓаат како практиканти. На програмата можат да аплицираат студенти од насоките: комуникации и новинарство, филм фотографија и визуелна уметност, уметност и култура, филозофија, литература, меѓународни односи и политика, маркетинг и односи со јавноста, новинарство, историја и јазици.

Целиот повик може да се најде на следниот линк, а во продолжение го пренесуваме и целосниот повик Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy Internship Project (2020-25) is a 5-year program with the main purpose to enable students who need an internship as a compulsory part of their BA, MA or other graduate studies to engage in cultural diplomacy and in doing so, to further promote cultural diplomacy and multiculturalism worldwide.

The positioning of the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in the centre of Europe, made it a natural hub for the younger generation and indeed, the past years projects have been witnessed to interns being active participants in the multicultural field, where lasting friendships were formed and valuable contacts made, which immediately expanded each individual’s network to all parts of the world.

The diverse multicultural environment provides an excellent framework for Cultural Diplomacy to be practiced on a daily basis within the office as well as outside of the office. One of the main privileges affords by the project is to work in a young, interdisciplinary and international environment, which serves as a model of successful multiculturalism in practice. The experience of learning to work together in a multicultural and international organizational environment is a rare, unique and a rewarding common experience.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for full-time internships. A minimum of 3 months commitment is required. Applications for longer periods are welcome. The ICD Academy provides interns with free accommodation in the ICD Academy Campus for the duration of their internship as well as a 520 Euro monthly Scholarship.

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy invites applications from individuals who are coming from the following fields:

·         Communication & Journalism

·         Film, Photography & Visual Art

·         Arts & Culture

·         Philosophy

·         Literature

·       International Relations & Politics

·         Marketing & Public Relations

·         Journalism

·         History

·         Languages

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Internship Details

·         Eligibility - The internship is open to currently enrolled students who need this internship as a compulsory component of their academic studies or participants of the ERASMUS program.

·         Duration - The voluntary internships are full time, last 3 months or longer.

·         Language - Applicants must have good spoken and written English.

·         Personal Skills - Due to the nature of our work, we place a high value on flexibility, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work well with others.

·         Flexibility - Applicants must be prepared for a flexible working environment as teams and tasks might alter often according to the program agenda.

·         Independence - Due to the large amount of activity and programs that ICD runs throughout the year Interns work in teams under the direction of a Team Leader/Program Director with minimal supervision.

·         Accommodation - The ICD Academy provides interns with free accommodation in the ICD Academy Campus for the duration of their internship.

·         Scholarship - The ICD Academy provides interns with a 520 Euro monthly Scholarship.

·         Laptop - In addition, all interns must have access to a personal laptop, which they need to bring to the office on a daily basis.

Intern Responsibilities

Intern responsibilities include some of the following activities:

·         International Conferences & Daily Events »

·         Office Administration and Logistics

·         Event Administration and Logistics

·         Raising awareness, PR and marketing

·         Acquiring speakers and partners

·         Support for Conferences & Events

·         Cultural Diplomacy Research »

·         Conducting interviews and writing articles

·         Supporting research projects

·         Media, Press & PR

1.       Event Documentation

2.       Conducting interviews and writing articles for the www.BerlinGlobal.org